Celebrating 15 years in business today and we’re still laughing!

Latest News — 11.05.2018

Celebrating 15 years in business today!                                                                       Blog post, Simon Bucknell

15 years ago, (May 11th 2003) Jamie, Ian and I  nervously and excitedly turned on our computers and picked up our phones for the first time.  With just enough money to last three months, we knew that we’d need to work hard and fast to survive.

Based in a tiny attic room in the summer of 2003, the hottest year on record and with just a tiny window for ventilation, this was a boiler room both in terms of heat and sales activity!

We were unable to talk to any of the clients we’d built relationships previously due to contractual restrictions,  so we knew we’d need to find, source, deliver, invoice and receive payment for any work undertaken within a 8-12 week window to survive. Many would never have embarked on a suicide mission like this but we had a real belief that we could offer a recruitment service that was disruptive and different and by month three we were making profit.

Today we run and manage a successful recruitment business with an excellent reputation and have built a team of experienced and highly capable individuals who have just made the last 9 months the most profitable in our 15 year history.  In the last four months alone we’ve broken all previous sales records including the highest number of placements made in a week, which was broken twice in January and last month, April 2018 being the highest revenue generating month ever.  

15 feels like a great age, it’s like reaching adulthood. However if 15 years has taught me one thing, it’s that the challenges never end they just change and as long as the laughter continues you’ll be alright and we’re certainly all still laughing!