An AA rating for Andrea Archer – Promotion Announcement

Latest News — 01.07.2016

The 1st of July has been a busy day for promotions here at EMBS.  Our 2nd promotion announcement is for Andrea Archer, who has become our Business Support Manager, promoted from Business Support Coordinator. Andrea has played a huge role in implementing new systems and processes that underpin a significant increase in headcount and turnover in the last 18 months.

Through this promotion Andrea also joins the Leadership team, taking an active part in operational decision making within EMBS. She also takes up a greater level of responsibility for financial control, operational management and human resources.   DSC_0125

Ian Stevens said, “Every good company needs a character who becomes the glue that holds things together. Andrea is very much that person and is has become a key member of the organisation. We have big plans for Andrea as we grow. She has shown great foresight and is always able to offer an objective view, which only goes to strengthen our decision making abilities as a leadership team.”  A well deserved promotion and another great example of career development within EMBS.

Andrea is currently looking for her number two in the business support team. If you have good Finance Administration skills and thrive in a fast moving environment please contact Andrea for more information about the position.