Blue Plaque at EMBS HQ otherwise known at Darley Abbey Mills

Latest News — 13.01.2017

Lots of activity at EMBS HQ this morning as Darley Abbey Mills receives its English Heritage blue plaque. After working for 15 year,  the campaigners of Derby Civic Society have worked with the team at Darley Abbey Mills to get a blue plaque in recognition for the work undertake by our local historical hero Walter Evans.

Walter Evans established Darley Abbey Mills in the 17th century and was a tech entrepreneur of this era. The Derwent Valley stretching from Derby to Matlock was the Silicon Valley of it’s day.

We love working in an environment with history, it’s inspirational and interesting. Walter Evans must have been quite somebody. To establish such a site, including water-powered manufacturing in a little town like Derby at a time with such technological limitations is quite something.