EMBS Bake Off 2017

Latest News — 25.10.2017

EMBS held their 3rd Bake Off challenge this year and the competition was more tense than ever! We have had a great mix of bakes over the last 9 weeks and we have all definitely had our fill of cake!


There were a lot of talks of who the top three would be but not everyone could agree; Matt Power was adamant that he was going to be the one to raise the prestigious trophy claiming that his bake was “the best one yet!”


The top three were so close in points it was almost unfair to only have one winner but Josie Dunnicliffe took the gold for 2017 with her classic Victoria Sponge. With Louise Mee taking a close second and Karolina Lizura, an even closer, third!

Josie said “I am very pleased to have won, although I don’t believe there will ever be a more awkward moment than being the admin function that counted the votes to find out I was the winner! I don’t know about everyone else but I think I might miss the bi-weekly sweet treat!”

**Andrea played the independent adjudicator to ensure there was no dishonesty in vote counting**

Now we all have a year to practice for the next one!