EMBS Bake Off Update

Latest News — 17.09.2015

It’s all getting very competitive here at EMBS with two recent entries that have been nothing less than inspirational. A rather special Chocolate and Guinness Cake from Jay Thomas and a three tier carrot cake from Simon Bucknell.  Questions have been asked as to authenticity of latter, given it’s truly professional nature, but the competition continues.  The main highlight of the competition is yet to come however, as Jarred Smith the instigator of this years Bake Off delivers his offering tomorrow. Take a look at the entries thus far.  Next month we are introducing The EMBS Biggest Looser competition, our attempt at loosing the most pounds over a four week period, given the excessive cake consumption in September!


Ian Stevens


Emma Middleton’s


Jay Thomas’s


Simon Bucknell’s masterpiece


Matt Power’s Brownies