EMBS Employer Brand Update in Feb

Latest News — 28.02.2017

As a recruitment services business, EMBS is passionate about helping companies develop their employer brand. Often we meet business owners and organisations that have fantastic products and services and an amazing story. However,  they don’t know how to use this when it comes to attracting talent.

At EMBS we love the process of developing and employers brand. We tend to discuss this before we start the process of working on recruitment requirements for our clients. Through painful experience, it can be very disappointing to source ‘hard to find’ talent only to find they join a competing business with a better story and brand.

It’s our mission to ensure our clients present themselves in the best possible way. However,  in order to promote this service, we know we’ve got to illustrate that EMBS has a strong brand and focus in this area.

Last week we started to our Employer Brand refresh for 2017. This will feature on our new website (coming soon). This consists of photography and video, produced by our partners.

Interested in finding out more about how EMBS can assist you in developing a robust recruitment strategy and employer brand.  Contact Simon Bucknell on 07976 619237

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