EMBS Launches IT Sales Recruitment Division

Latest News — 28.07.2015

It’s been a busy month here at EMBS and we are delighted to announce the launch of our IT Sales Division.  Headed up by our man in the know Jay Thomas,  we are now engaging with a range of IT organisations involved delivering Microsoft Enterprise Solutions, Application Development including mobile apps and more broad software products sold in to a range of industry sectors.

010Jay Thomas, Client Services Manager (IT Sales) said, “This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for EMBS and for me.  Virtually every IT company we work with have a requirement to find new sales people.
Its a real challenge for companies to source good people with a proven sales track record but with social media and all the investment over recent years, our candidate networks are in really good shape.

Talk to Jay Thomas about career opportunites for some of the UK’s most exciting IT providers or connect with him on Linked. Linkedin Profile