Making Christmas very merry with EMBS ALE

Latest News — 12.12.2016

embs-ale-bottlesHere at EMBS HQ at Darley Abbey Mills,  our neighbours  Derventio Brewery make fantastic beer.  On a still day, we can smell the hops wafting across the car park. In a flash of beer inspired genius and in the interests of working with the local business community,  we thought  we’d ask our friend Pete at Derventio to brew us a beer for Christmas that we could sell for charity.  He thought it was a great idea!

This Christmas the team is delighted to present the 2016 EMBS ALE, a 4.2% hoppy bitter.  It’s a light pale ale that slips down a treat and with a hint of citrus,  it’s a fresh tasting brew perfect for drinking with family and friends over the festive season.  Derventio sell their beer across the UK and beyond and it’s a quality product!

We are selling this beer at a very special rate of £8.99 + postage on our ebay shop which can be accessed at

downloadThis year, we are donating the proceeds of our beer sales to Rainbows Children’s Hospice.  We hope that our contribution can make a child’s last Christmas a special one.  To find out about the amazing work at Rainbows visit

Thank you for your support!