Fit Fridays Return to EMBS!

Latest News — 10.02.2017

Here at EMBS we believe in healthy body, healthy mind and encourage our people to look after themselves because healthy people are happy people and health and happiness are the key ingredients in success!

Today saw the return of EMBS Fit Friday, a part of the week that we love to hate!  Thanks to George Farrell at Pure Fitness in Darley Abbey for beesting the team.

This weeks participants, from the boys team. Wayne Cross, James Hall, Simon Bucknell, Oli Ridley and girls team Milly Voice, Holly James, Jess Hayer, Hannah Nicol and Lizzie Watson.

Simon Bucknell, Director and instigator of Fit Friday said, “Fit Friday is brilliant, great camaraderie, great fun and a fantastic thing to offer the team.  It’s open to everyone in the business who has hit their weekly objectives. It is designed to be inclusive and suits anyone at any level of fitness.

Great work guys!