The EMBS Graduate Academy is officially OPEN!!

Latest News — 14.04.2016

FullSizeRender (4)Pictured:  Graduates from Loughborough, Nottingham and Derby University – (left to right – Marnie Winter, Jessica Hedley, Jo Gregory (RTG), Scott Hassall, Orianne Wightman, Jess Hayer, Emma Middleton & Emma Hammond.

Last year the Leadership team at EMBS decided to embark on a programme of major growth, known internally as the EMBS 2020 vision.

Following a successful graduate recruitment campaign over the last few months, we are delighted to welcome our new team.

In order to on-board, train and develop our new starters and as a means of attracting them to join EMBS, Simon Bucknell, Ian Stevens and Jamie Elliss (Directors) decided to develop a significant internal training and mentoring programme.

Now known as The Graduate Academy and delivered by Jo Gregory of The Recruitment Training Group, Graduates receive a 6 month training and development programme designed to create high performing people capable of delivering exceptional levels of services to Client companies and Candidates.

Consisting of classroom based training and practical exercises, Graduates are able to learn about every aspect of the recruitment industry, the processes and the job. Quickly putting the theory in to practice!

Jo Gregory (pictured 3rd from left) said, “We are delighted to partner with Simon, Jamie and Ian at EMBS, their passion and success is indisputable, like lots of business owners they need to grow the next generation,  transferring their knowledge and experience in order to move the business to the next level.

Their ideas and our training solutions have allowed us to develop a programme, consisting of 31 modules of training that covers every aspect of recruitment, ensuring Graduates achieve success very rapidly.

Simon Bucknell said, “The Graduate Academy is so exciting.  With the help of RTG,  we can turn rookies into successful recruiters very quickly. This means we can scale the business up significantly, ensuring clients and candidates benefit from our range of services.

Interested in joining the EMBS Graduate Academy please contact us on 01332 208888 – we are still looking for Graduates two more graduates in 2016 and have positions available in three sectors IT, Engineering and Property.