It’s a Super Hot Record Breaking Summer at EMBS!

Latest News — 06.08.2019

Two weeks ago the UK broke the record for the hottest day in history and today EMBS celebrated the same achievement. Yes, 2018 (April 18 – April 19) was officially our hottest year on record! 

In 2018 The EMBS Group increased turnover by one third. This is especially remarkable given that 2017 was also an exceptional year and that Brexit is undoubtedly affecting the economic climate!  However, such an increase in temperature is most notable given that our team has remained largely unchanged in the last 24 months, demonstrating that the dramatic growth in revenue has come from some sizzling individual performances alongside major new client wins and a company restructure.

The warming effect started in June 2018, with the incorporation of EMBS Engineering and the promotion of James Hall, now Director of Engineering Recruitment. With such obvious benefits clear to see,  EMBS Property and EMBS Digital followed suit and became a standalone recruitment business within the group, allowing for greater autonomy, accountability and creativity.

Earlier this year EMBS opened a new office in Shoreditch, London and in May the founders of EMBS, Simon Bucknell, Jamie Elliss and Ian Stevens celebrated 16 years in business.  Simon Bucknell said ‘There is no doubt that in business and particularly in recruitment you can never stand still,  so we embraced the chance to re-look at the structure of the business last year.  It’s been incredible to see the difference that it’s made and seeing the year-end results is a fantastic reward for the hard work.

We have plans for strong, steady and organic growth over the next three years, as such The EMBS Group is hiring and keen to find individuals who would love to work for an ethical, professional and highly specialised recruitment business.

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