On Your Marks, Get Set, Bake!

Latest News — 24.08.2016

Following its success in 2015, EMBS are back with a bigger and better Bake Off for 2016! Each member of staff willIMG_0971 (1) produce a bake that will be judged by the rest of the team on appearance, taste and star bake quality.  It looks like the stakes will be high this year – prior to it even starting, there has been talk of practise bakes, sugar work and chocolate decorations.  Needless to say, the next 12 weeks are going to be tense (as well as fattening!)

Hannah has set a really high precedence with the first bake in time for the start of the Great British Bake Off! Hannah said “I am not very good at baking however I really enjoyed this competition; I am looking forward to seeing everyone else’s baking skills.”