November 2019 marks 5 years at The EMBS Group for James Hall!

Latest News — 28.11.2019

When I sent an email to James Hall in the summer of 2014, I didn’t realise that I’d be contacting my future business partner. James had a reputation for being a young, hungry and capable individual and after he agreed to join us, he soon demonstrated that he was indeed very skilled, focused and organised.

Within 18 months he’d been promoted to Senior Client Services Manager and just last year in 2018 we promoted him again, this time making him Director of EMBS Engineering,  a newly incorporated standalone entity within the EMBS Group. Now operating within multiple sectors, but with a very strong focus on aerospace and precision engineering, James and the team are now working with many of the top engineering employers in this region.

Today we are very happy to congratulate James on 5 years at EMBS.
EMBS Engineering has grown steadily in the last 18 months and has plans to hire in 2020.

We hope James’ story demonstrates what is possible at EMBS for all current and future employees. It is true that the recruitment industry is a very tough place to work. It can be unpredictable and often requires immense resilience. However, James has demonstrated many times in the last five years that he has what it takes to lead one of the most exciting engineering recruitment businesses in the UK.