With such a shortage of talent, you’re going to need much more than a preferred supplier! 

Our Clients’ biggest challenge in the coming years will be facing up to skill shortages. With demand outstripping supply it’s time to work with a strategic partner that can ensure you become a destination employer. 

We tirelessly research, source and engage with high quality active and passive candidates specifically for you. In short, we are much more than a preferred supplier to our clients.   This constant focus ensures that you always have visibility of the best emerging talent, even if you’re not hiring.  EMBS provides you with an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and hire niche skills with greater agility & accuracy. This offers you a competitive advantage. We are excited about our formula, refined over fifteen years. It really works and it’s helping our clients in Engineering, Technology and Property to beat the war on talent.   

Check out or employers section for more information about our services or find out about our areas of sector specialism.  Here are a few more reasons to speak to EMBS!

  • 91.4% of candidates submitted to our clients have been interviewed in 2017
  • 74.6% of candidates placed by EMBS are still employed after 12 months
  • 56% Now choose to use our technical testing services!
  • 67% of clients use EMBS as their sole recruitment partner
  • 31% of our clients cut their recruitment costs in 2017 by using EMBS
  • 8 years is the average length of experience our recruiters have.
  • 44% of our clients have used us for more than five years
  • 8/10 Is our 2017 candidate satisfaction rating which helps with referrals!
  • 51% of the candidates we place are 'passive' and worked exclusively with EMBS

We now work with some of the UK’s leading employers within Information Technology and Engineering

Our team of sector specialists can apply the right recruitment solution to the right sector and skill set. This expertise and approach provides a unique opportunity for employers to formulate a robust recruitment strategy for their business that connects them with talent in a creative and cost effective way.

Reach out and arrange for us to meet you, select the most relevant person at EMBS by visiting our meet the team page.

Take a look at our range of services, or contact us on 01332 208888 for more details.

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