Reflecting on our journey to GREATNESS on our 14th Birthday!

Blog — 08.05.2017


May is a month where nature explodes, it’s a time when things come to life and the start of the summer. Each year,  as I approach my own Birthday (14th May),  I reflect on the overwhelming feeling of anticipation that I experienced, along with my business partners,  as we launched EMBS in early May 2003.

Strangely Ian Stevens, Jamie Elliss and I cannot confirm with certainty our official Birthday. In those initial few days 14 years ago,  our sole focus was getting the phones installed and then hitting them for as long and as hard as possible. We were motivated by the fear of failure as much as the potential for success.

It is with relief I can say that after just three months we started to make placements and a profit.  14 years later almost to the day, we are now leading a team of people who are building their own futures here at EMBS.

In 2003 I am sure that Jamie, Ian and I would have expected greatness by our 14th Birthday, one thing we have always had is self-belief and belief in each other but what does greatness actually mean and what does it mean to us?  I’ll try and break it down for you…….

stands for goals and although this is obvious to many, ensuring that all three of us share the same vision and always work to the same goals has always been something we have prioritised. We all have differing life plans and objectives but over the last 14 years, we have all worked towards the same goals.

R stands for roles. Understanding that we all have different strengths…..and weaknesses has been massively important in our business. We quickly defined our roles and areas of accountability and have stuck with this formula. Clearly, our roles are different 14 years on but this simple concept remains.

stands for Empowering. Allowing others to learn and develop and try different approaches and methodologies has always been important to us. We know the best way to learn is often to fail. We encourage our people to fail fast but we positively encourage and empower.

is for awareness. It’s not always easy to be aware and in particular self-aware. This takes great emotional intelligence. However the three of us have always been very aware of each other’s feelings, we understand that we see the world differently.

T is for trust. A lack of trust can spell disaster within any relationship and business relationships are no different. Trust is essential when building a business and making decisions, if you running a business with someone and you cannot trust them 100%, it may be time for a rethink!

N is for Networking. As a recruiter, your network is your biggest asset. It can be the difference between success and failure. We have always worked hard to build and nurture our client and candidate networks and embracing social media as it emerged is paying dividends as we reach our 14th birthday.

is for ethical.  Over the last 14 years we have had to make some tough decisions, sometimes these have affected our people. However knowing and agreeing on what is fundamentally right and wrong is essential and has given us the strength to make the changes necessary. Also operating ethically in recruitment is also something to be proud of. It is not uncommon to see individuals within our industry working without ethics and the expected levels of professionalism.

is fo Selling. To many, the word selling is a dirty word but to us, selling is an art and a science. It is what makes the world go round. Having the capabilities and experience to sell has been fundamental to our success and critical to achieving greatness. We are proud sales people, we love selling and place our sales performance at the heart of everything we do.

S is for Sharing. As business owners we have always considered ourselves as equals, operating honestly with each other, our people and with our clients and candidates. Our contributions, although different,  are classed with a level of equality. It makes sense therefore for us to share in the successes and failures we have experienced in 14 years. To share in the excitement of the successes of our team is surely a sign that we are close to greatness.

As we tuck into our Birthday cake this week,  Ian, Jamie and I will not be worrying about how close we are to greatness, we’ll be very happy to have reached the ripe old age of 14 and be safe in the knowledge that we understand the key ingredients essential to our success thus far.