Running Things, The Hairy Helmet Relay

Latest News — 18.06.2018

For EMBS Friday night was less about the World Cup and Spain v Portugal and more about getting through a The Hairy Helmet Relay,  a tough little relay race in Darley Park which has become  rather legendary in the running events calendar.

A simple 2.2 mile relay race seems on the face of it anyway something fun, simple and enjoyable. However for the more serious runners and teams it’s a chance to break the course record of 9.59 minutes.

We entered the process in good spirits and took some time to take a run around the course the week before. Teams were selected, old injuries considered and we entered two teams. The EMBS Sharks and Tigers.

We ate clean in the lead up, we focused and on race day ensured we were well prepared. Of course this meant taking every opportunity to consume sweets, chocolates, pasta and pretty much every carbohydrate known to man! 

The night got off to a great start with two of the junior members of the team, Tom and Isla running well in the junior mini loop. Inspired, we made ready for the big race! In team Tigers was James Hall, Greg Cork, Jack Davies and Mat Lis. In Sharks were Simon Bucknell and Ian Stevens, two veteran runners, Amy Burton and Mike (Beardo) Beardsley.  

Supported by friends and family both teams put in a great performance with the Tigers comfortably  beating the Sharks. With times ranging from 13 minute to 16 minutes for 2.2 miles everyone put in a great performance.

Hats off to the organisers  and for TBAT Innovation for sponsoring the race and a fantastic event!

At EMBS we love to do things to support local businesses and the local community. We also love to do things together as a team. We are very lucky to have created a wonderful environment that brings everyone together.   It’s also great to do an event that encourages a healthy lifestyle.

If you’d like to become a part of an exciting recruitment business and our fantastic team please give us a call. Don’t worry, we’re not looking for the next Usain Bolt, just people that are willing to give it a 100%.