Improve candidate attraction and engagement using video & social media.

Jobseekers love video; it differentiates your company from others, it improves attraction and engagement and builds awareness.  With modern technology, video can be consumed on mobile devices so you can reach out to prospective employees like never before!

It’s well documented that there is an acute skill shortage within IT and Engineering sectors and that it is likely to worsen as the economy continues to grow. In such a competitive market, employers need to identify and then communicate the reasons why prospective employees should join them. By asking the right questions to your team  we can help you build a picture of what makes your company ‘great’ and unique.  We can then film and edit the video and share it online via social media to communicate the message.

Many of the candidates that you are looking to target are passive; less than 10% of the available talent pool is active within these sectors.  So it’s down to you to develop and communicate your employee value proposition (EVP), ‘the people deal’, your values and your vision, and everything else that makes you special.

With more and more people accessing video content on mobile devices we believe that communicating your EVP and employer brand via video and social media gives you a competitive edge. It also enables us to add an important service to our portfolio, making EMBS one of the most unique recruitment services businesses in the UK.

For a small fee, or completely free to clients using EMBS, we can create an EVP Video that gives our clients a competitive edge. The process of developing a video also has incredible benefits.  It engages a range of key stakeholders in discussions about what make you a great place to work and promotes positivity that can be used to improve employee engagement and relations.




Check out our latest EVP Video and reasons why you should use Attract

  • Offers candidates an insight in to your company
  • Jobseekers are more likely to engage by getting to see the business
  • Gets management thinking about being a great Employer
  • Ensure you are competitive in a saturated market place
  • Improves the 'candidate experience'
  • Gives you a competitive edge and a uniqueness
  • Enables you to reach out to passive talent in a creative way
  • Gets you thinking about your company values
  • Improves employee engagement and relations
  • A video takes less than a day to shoot
  • Ensures you retain staff as well as recruiting them

How it works

  • We meet with you to define your EVP
  • We select stakeholders to be involved
  • We set up a day of filming and editing
  • You sign off the edit and share online

“Simon really made us think about our EVP and it was great fun putting the EVP film together, would recommend it to any company thinking about recruiting new people.”

Karen Grace, HR Manager, Codel