Salary Surveys and Benchmarking

With the latest economic figures for growth being revised upwards and the war on talent worsening within IT and Engineering, there are more jobs than people causing supply challenges for a wide range of organisations.  In most cases these market conditions are forcing salaries higher.

To remain competitive and attractive to prospective employees but most importantly to ensure you retain your best people,  it is essential to pay the current market rate. But what is the market rate?

EMBS provides salary surveys and benchmarking services specifically for your company. This covers region, job type and skills. In addition we also look at reviewing and comparing your benefits package against similar companies.

The salary information, data and market intelligence enables you to develop your ‘EVP’ Employee Value Proposition which contributes to your employer brand, essential in employee retention and recruitment.

Why use Benchmarking?

  • We are in touch with thousands of candidates and have access to incredible data
  • We specialise in IT & Engineering so we really understand the market
  • Our team can customise your report based on specific criteria
  • We can provide you with regular updates and quarterly reports
  • Our data sources come from both SME’s and Corporate companies

Surveys we undertake

  • Regional
  • Job function
  • Industry specific
  • Employee benefits
  • Car schemes
  • Additional 'soft', or 'lifestyle' benefits

“Consistency is everything and EMBS have never failed to provide exceptional people to us, often in volumes and under challenging circumstances”

Rhian Clark, HR Manager, Fresh Student Living