Winner of EMBS Bake off is announced.

Latest News — 29.11.2016

If the standards were high in this year’s EMBS Bake Off then the air of competition was even higher.  We had cakes exploding in ovens, gingerbread houses collapsing during construction and runny caramel that had still not set by 5.30am.    There was blood, sweat and literally tears as the team tried to out-bake each other in the hope to win the prestigious EMBS trophy.   One Director (mentioning no names, Simon) collapsed under the pressure and withdrew from the Bake Off claiming his oven “wasn’t working” during the entire competition.  Which lasted for two and a half months…….





However, I can reveal the 2016 EMBS Bake Off winner is Lizzie Watson with her fantastic chocolate fudge cake.  Lizzie said “I’ve never really made a cake like this before, so I’m very pleased I was given such high marks.”

The EMBS Bake Off certainly provokes the competitive streak in the team, however I think I can safely say, we have all had our fill of cake for a while.